Stop wasting time on ineffective lessons.

quality music lessons

Many excellent musicians don't have the proper training to teach students in such a way that keeps them engaged and excited about their lessons.

effective music lessons

Students can take lessons for years and never really learn to read music.  Lessons become too hard, precious time and money are wasted and students quit. 

flexible music lessons

You just want a professional teacher who respects your time and prepares engaging lessons that makes your student fall in love with music and helps them thrive. 

You deserve so much more from a lesson program.

Music Lessons

You deserve teachers  that connect with their students.

Our elite team of teachers have a passion for teaching. They naturally draw students into the learning process in a way that makes learning music feel so easy.

Learn to Read Music

You deserve high quality, engaging lessons.

Imagine the confidence gained in learning to read music and being able to play pieces independently.  Imagine wanting to practice and thriving in lessons.

Flexible Music Lessons

You deserve a professional, white glove experience.

If you are looking for a school that respects your time, keeps you up to date and will help your student succeed, you've come to the right place! 

For more than 18 years, parents have trusted New England Music Academy

music lessons

lessons and CLASSES FOR all ages.


Our early childhood music and movement classes provide joyful connections that foster music exploration for you and your child.  Sensory rich  lessons engage both parents and children.


Fast paced music classes and engaging private lessons focus on mastering the building blocks of music and  creating a comprehensive  foundation that will last a lifetime.


Our popular Accelerated Piano Program empowers confidence in teens and provides them with the musical independence they crave.  Private lessons help students thrive in their study.


Feed your creative side by having fun learning a new instrument or enjoy reconnecting with an instrument from your past with our comprehensive, laid back classes or private lessons.

Start Making Music Today!

new england music academy new england music academy


new england music academy


At New England Music Academy, we know you don't want to waste time and money on ineffective lessons. We believe learning music shouldn't have to be so hard!   New England Music Academy is committed to providing top quality teachers who are passionate about teaching and committed to making music fun for students of all ages. So start making music today!  Call us, visit a class and love your lessons.


What our families say.

"My son took private lessons this summer by Zoom.  Honestly, the result is much higher than what I expected.  The teacher is very kind and professional.  My son really enjoys the lessons and wishes to continue in the fall"

~ David Y.