About New England Music Academy

There are so many lesson choices today. Parents don't know what's best, they feel overwhelmed, and they don't know where to start. We believe you deserve lessons that are fun, effective and enjoyable.

We Believe

New England Music Academy music lessons are much more than just than learning to play an instrument.

  • Our lessons develop confidence, focus and self-discipline in students.
  • Joining our academic lessons before the age of 7 develops language, increases learning in other subjects, and physically changes the brain for the better.
  • Our classes foster curiosity, creativity and joy.

Music should be fun because that's the only way kids really learn.

But, we also want music education to focus on music literacy so student's learning can translate to any instrument. Complex music concepts are "no big deal" as teachers present them in a fun, age-appropriate way.

Learning together with your student is key.

Watching your student interact with their teacher and peers in a classroom setting is an experience you'll find only at New England Music Academy. As time goes on, practicing and playing music with your child will become some of your most cherished memories.
about New England Music Academy

It's more fun to play together.

Private lessons can be solitary. But our private lesson students, all ages, levels and instruments, come together several times a year to play games that help students master skills and develop our performing artistry.