About New England Music Academy

We know it's challenging when you want to find the best music lessons for you.  We believe you deserve engaging, effective, and enjoyable lessons every week and we're here to help you figure it all out.  

Lessons for your young student:

  • Our comprehensive curriculum for young students is unlike any other in New England.  It focuses on fostering curiosity, creativity and joy in an academic setting that keeps music literacy at it's core. 
  • Parents and caretakers participate in lessons along with students so the fun continues at home and gives you an insight to the world of music as well.   
  • The younger students begin the more musical they become. The window of opportunity is wide open.
  • Group music lessons are also key to developing confidence, focus and self-discipline.

Lessons for teens:

We'll match your teen up with teachers who will help them reach their music goals.   Whether they want to be a hit at the next family barbeque, develop their own musical style or place in regional competitions our teachers give teens the tools they need to become the musician they want to be.  

Lessons for adults:

Whether you want to reconnect with lessons you had as a kid or you're just looking to learn something new, we'll help you develop the skills you need to make your lessons stick.   Adult group lessons are fun, social and a creative outlet.  Trust me, these are not the piano lessons you may remember as a child.    

about New England Music Academy


Lessons are all remote for now.

We are committed to returning to the classroom as soon as there is some measure of control over COVID19.  We are pleased to announce that remote learning will always be an option through our secure and easy-to-use Zoom platform.

When we do return to the classroom we'll maintain the highest standards of safety recommended by the state.   Masks, hand washing, social distancing and wiping down instruments between students will all be a part of our comprehensive safety measure to keep our teachers, students and their families safe.


Online Lessons — Made Simple & Easy

ONLINE LESSONS are delivered through our secure and customized Zoom platform that’s simple and easy to use.

To attend your online lesson you’ll need a computer or a mobile device that has a microphone, a camera and your instrument.

There is no need to create a Zoom account or download anything when using a computer. For mobile devices simply download the free Zoom App.

It’s that easy! Quality lessons from our elite teaching faculty and support from our front desk staff make it safe and easy to have lessons right in your own home.

START MAKING MUSIC TODAY!   1. Call us.  2. Schedule a visit.  3. Love your lessons!