About New England Music Academy

We understand it can be challenging for parents to find quality music lessons that sets their child up for success in music and life.  We believe you deserve engaging lessons kids love and we're here to help you figure it all out.  

Our mission is to make music last a lifetime by developing musical independence, making learning music feel fun and easy, and by honoring each student's musical journey whether it's for personal enjoyment or to prepare an audition piece.

The NEMA Difference

At New England Music Academy, it's not just about music it's about the human your child will become through the study of music.  Learning at NEMA enables your child to feel....

ENABLED:  Through the ability to read, write and be independent with their music study, your child will have a deep understanding of how music works. 

CARED FOR:  Our warm and welcoming teachers provide engaging lessons that will artfully draw your child into the learning process. 

INSPIRED:  Your child will learn to acknowledge their achievements.  They'll understand how far they've come, and they'll see the potential of how far they can go. 

EMPOWERED:  Your child will profoundly understand that they get better at what they work at.  They'll know that practice makes progress in their music journey. 

CONFIDENT:   We believe mistakes are okay.  Mistakes are proof that your child is  working on new things and figuring out hard parts. 

INCLUDED:  We are a non-elitist school that seeks to include everyone.  We embrace all kinds of students with different hopes and dreams.     

about New England Music Academy