Music classes


Accelerated Piano Program is the fastest growing program at NEMA.  Students and families love the collaborative environment, perfect for developing music skills at their own pace through fun, noncompetitive, classroom activities.  Classroom learning creates a more relaxed learning environment, challenges students to achieve more and creates lasting friendships.

AGES:  8 and older
Let your child become the curator of their own musical journey in this hour long class. 

Students in Accelerated Piano Program

  • work independently, at their own pace
  • accelerate quickly through their piano books
  • have fewer practice issues at home.
  • are independent in their musical journey 
  • develop their own individual style

Teachers work individually with students, invite students to collaborate on pieces and on occasion, bring the class together for theory lessons, theory games or informal performances.   Students love the ability to work at their own pace in their own books and develop their own individual style. Students must be able to work independently. A piano or keyboard is needed at home for practice.

There are limited seats in our Accelerated Piano Program 


Beginner Music Classes Mother Daughter Music Class

Imagine precious time spent learning music together with your child. Our Beginner Music Classes are not just piano classes or singing classes, it's all that and more!  This course gives your child a music foundation so comprehensive and engaging, they will be prepared for any instrument they may choose.  

Beginner music classes require: 

  • Parent/Guardian participation
  • A piano or keyboard with at least 61 keys.
  • No unregistered siblings please.     

AGES 5 - 8:    Beginner Music Course:  A foundational start for kindergartners and first graders like none other, this comprehensive music class breaks the mold by focusing on music literacy before instrumental study and by embracing grownups in the classroom.  Musicians flourish as they develop independence, creative self expression and a deep love for making music.

There are limited seats in our Beginner Music Classes

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