Music classes & private lessons


happy kidLessons are all remote for now.

We are committed to returning to the classroom as soon as there is some measure of control over COVID19.  We are pleased to announce that remote learning will always be an option through our secure and easy-to-use Zoom platform.

When we do return to the classroom we'll maintain the highest standards of safety recommended by the state.   Masks, hand washing, social distancing and wiping down instruments between students will all be a part of our comprehensive safety measure to keep our teachers, students and their families safe.

Music Class Descriptions

Group music classes create a more relaxed learning environment, foster collaboration among students, and provide a solid foundation for developing music skills.  Semesters generally begin in September and January and special 6 week  "Intro To" sessions throughout the year to give families the opportunity to check out our different programs in a shorter format.

MUSIC MAKERS Age: 8 mos. – 4 years old
Music Makers use keyboards, props and dance to explore the magical world of music.  We'll dance, play, giggle and sing our way to tuneful, focused, and creative kids.  Nine week sessions begin in September, January and March. Siblings under 7 months attend free. Parents or guardians dance, play and sing right along with us.

young childYOUNG BEGINNER MUSIC CLASS Age: 4 - 5 years old (preschool)
Need more than just music and movement?  This class includes keyboard, beginning theory and creative composition!  A piano or keyboard is needed at home.   New 17 week semesters begin in September and January.  A parent or guardian learns with the student.  No unregistered siblings please.

BEGINNER MUSIC CLASS Age: 5-7 years old (kindergarten – first grade)
This comprehensive and academic class also focuses on keyboards, note reading, ear training, and singing. Students are introduced to guitar and recorder in their final year setting them up for success in any instrument they may choose.  A piano or keyboard is needed at home. New 17 week semesters begin in September and January. A parent or guardian learns with the student.  No unregistered siblings please.

This class is just like our Beginner Music Classes but for older beginners and their caretakers.  They'll use a different book set and work a little more quickly.  A piano or keyboard is needed at home for weekly practice.  NEW 17 week semesters begin in September and January.   A parent or guardian learns with the student.  No unregistered siblings please.

ACCELERATED PIANO PROGRAM  Age: 8 and up (beginners – advanced)
Beginners and advanced students alike spend an hour with their teacher, accelerate quickly through their books, and have fewer practice issues at home.  Parents love how easy practice becomes and students love the ability to work at their own pace in their own books.   Students must be able to work independently. A piano or keyboard is needed at home for practice.  Parents are not required to attend but are welcome to observe.

ADULT GROUP PIANO Age: 16 years old and up
Reconnect with your musical past or learn something new.  You and your "Piano Besties" will have a ball learning to play the keyboard and maybe even singing. Join our adult group class today and keep the creative juices flowing!

Private Lessons

kid smilingOffering private lessons in the following:

  • piano, voice
  • violin, viola, cello
  • clarinet, flute, trumpet, and more!

Students will receive comprehensive instruction in their chosen instrument that will includes theory, technique and repertoire.

Your 30 minute weekly private lesson includes:

  • Free formal and informal performances
  • Community performances by invitation
  • Fun, school wide practice incentives
  • Special programming throughout the year


Online Lessons — Made Simple & Easy


ONLINE LESSONS are delivered through our secure and customized Zoom platform that’s simple and easy to use.

To attend your online lesson you’ll need a computer or a mobile device that has a microphone, a camera and your instrument.

There is no need to create a Zoom account or download anything when using a computer. For mobile devices simply download the free Zoom App.

It’s that easy! Quality lessons from our elite teaching faculty and support from our front desk staff make it safe and easy to have lessons right in your own home.

START MAKING MUSIC TODAY!   1. Call us.  2. Schedule a visit.  3. Love your lessons!