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Beginner Music Classes

Mother Daughter Music Class

Imagine precious time spent learning music together with your child. Our Beginner Music Classes are not just piano classes or singing classes, it's all of it!  This course is grounded in real music theory and builds a music foundation so comprehensive it can be applied to any instrument a student may choose as they get older.

REQUIRED: Parent/Guardian participation in lessons. A piano or keyboard with at least 61 keys. No unregistered siblings please. 

New 17 week semesters begin every September and January.  Beginner and Older Beginner students graduate in just 3 years. Students starting in our Very Young Beginner program add a year.  Each Beginner Music Course takes your student on a magical musical journey through to graduation.  

Very Young Beginner Course - for preschool beginners / 4-5 years old

Beginner Music Course - for kindergarten through 2nd grade beginners /  5 - 7 years old

Older Beginner Music Course - for 2nd grade through 4th grade beginners /  7 - 9 years old


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Early Childhood Music Classes

Why New England Music Academy

It's not about making the student fit the curriculum, It's about having a curriculum that fits kids.  Our music classes for kids take your student on a journey through joyful connections, foundational beginnings and empowered confidence.

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MUSIC MAKERS Age: 8 mos. – 4 years old
Through playful learning and music exploration our youngest musicians make joyful connections as they dance, play giggle and sing. We use keyboards, instruments and props for creative and artfully crafted lessons that are engaging all.  Parents or guardians get to play right along with us.

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Instrumental Classes

ACCELERATED PIANO PROGRAM  / FOR 2nd graders and older (age 7+)
Students become the curators of their own musical journey in this hour long class allowing them to accelerate quickly through their books, and have fewer practice issues at home. For new and experienced pianists alike, your teachers work individually with students, invite students to collaborate on pieces and on occasion, bring the class together for theory lessons, theory games or informal performances.   Students love the ability to work at their own pace in their own books and develop their own individual style. Students must be able to work independently. A piano or keyboard is needed at home for practice. 

ACCELERATED BAND & ORCHESTRA PROGRAMS / FOR 3rd graders and older (age 8+)
For new and experienced elementary band and string/orchestra students in their school program.  Our one hour classes tend to see these students advance very quickly.  As students work independently, teachers empower confidence through theory, technique and repertoire. Our class setting allows for collaboration with other students. Students ability will soar as our teachers ignite their passion for music.  Accepting all levels.  Formal performance opportunities available free of charge.  

ADULT GROUP PIANO Age: 16 years old and up
Reconnect with your musical past or learn something new. You and your "Piano Besties" will have a ball learning to play the keyboard and maybe even singing. Join our adult group class today and keep the creative juices flowing!


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