Instrumental Study

Instrumental Study Class Descriptions

Our teachers will empower each student’s independence by immersing them in theory, technique and repertoire. Students in our band and orchestra classes work independently in their own books at their own pace with the help of their teacher and have the opportunity to collaborate with other students in their class. Your student will stand head and shoulders above the rest as our teachers ignite their passion for creativity and their instrument. Includes our Ice Cream Party performance opportunity.

ACCELERATED PIANO PROGRAM  Age: 8 and up (beginners – advanced)
Beginners and advanced students alike spend an hour with their teacher, accelerate quickly through their books, and have fewer practice issues at home. Parents love how easy practice becomes and students love the ability to work at their own pace in their own books. Students must be able to work independently. A piano or keyboard is needed at home for practice. Parents are not required to attend, but are welcome to observe.

ADULT GROUP PIANO Age: 16 years old and up
Reconnect with your musical past or learn something new. You and your "Piano Besties" will have a ball learning to play the keyboard and maybe even singing. Join our adult group class today and keep the creative juices flowing!

Image accelerated piano lessons

Private Lessons

Offering private lessons in the following:

  • piano, voice
  • violin, viola, cello
  • clarinet, flute, trumpet, and more!

Students (Age: 2nd grade +) will receive comprehensive instruction in their chosen instrument that will include theory, technique and repertoire.

Your 30 minute weekly private lesson includes:

  • Free formal and informal performances
  • Community performances by invitation
  • Fun, school wide practice incentives
  • Special programming throughout the year