“We just want to thank you for making graduation from NEMA such a special event. We appreciate how much you have done to continue the classes since March and to hold a graduation ceremony for the class. We have missed being in class and we loved seeing you every week. We are overwhelmed with how dedicated you have been to keeping things “normal.” We can’t thank you enough. It will be weird for me to not be in one of your group classes in the fall. Thank you for an amazing 5 years!! You will still see us though…we are signing up for private lessons in the fall.”
Parent of a 2020 graduate & private lesson student
“Our child took group lessons for 3 years and we continued because the quality of the teachers at NEMA is unbeatable. We love that the theory continues in private lessons. My teacher has made playing the piano fun for him. My teacher is always there for us. My child will sit at the piano and play for fun now.”
Parent of a 2019 private lesson student
“We are grateful for the fun year we had learning music at NEMA. We really appreciate your knowledge and professionalism as well as the positive rapport you have with students and parents. It was a great experience for us!”
Parent of 2018 student
“A parent gets to sit with the student. So the parent not only learns but also knows how the child is faring. Wonderful teachers who are great with kids.”
Parent of 2017 student
“I can’t believe how much I’ve learned taking one semester of music classes with my 4 year old daughter. As a non musical Mom, I could see how the kids were learning music when they didn’t even realize they were learning music!”
Parent of 2016 student
“My son loves this music program. The method to get the theory across to the kids = amazing!”
Parent of 2016 graduate
“An ideal environment for a child to learn. This is a journey – one to share with your child. You learn together and grow together in music.”
Parent of 2015 graduate
“I would stop all other after school activities before I stop our music classes. This is the best!”
Parent of a 2014 graduate
“My son looks forward to this class every week. What is even better is that I get to join him for all the classes and it creates an opportunity for parent and child to learn and grow together. ”
Homeschooling Parent, 2013
“My son graduated in 2012. Taking music with him rekindled my passion for music and I’ve been taking private piano lessons ever since. THANK YOU for fostering my hidden passion for music.”
Parent of 2012 graduate
“This program provided quality time for my daughter and I to b e together and learn together. It was a great experience; I highly recommend it.”
Parent of 2011 graduate
“When I signed my daughters up for music class almost 2 years ago, I didn’t really have any expectations. I wanted them to learn how to play the piano since I play a little myself. The three of us got so much more out of this program! I am still surprised and very impressed with my daughter’s progress and I enjoy going to class with them. Watching their accomplishments gives me great pleasure. I am a very proud mom!”
Parent of 2, 2010 graduates
“My daughter completed the program in 2009. As a parent what I appreciate is her musicality, confidence to play a piano solo, pitch perfect voice, and high math grades. Of all the early childhood activities that she participated in music has already given back so much. Our music class was the cornerstone to what will be a lifetime gift.”
Parent of 2009 graduate
“Every child should have the opportunity to go through this type of music class.”
Parent of 2008 graduate