Why New England Music Academy

Our academic approach is unlike any other.

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All our Beginner Music Classes use the keyboard to develop a solid foundation in music literacy through note reading, theory, composition, ear training, singing, and ensemble work. We focus on building music literacy and developing the ear in a sequential, fun, age-appropriate way ensures your child’s success with any instrument they may choose in the future. 

Parent participation in Beginner Music Classes

Observing your young student in a classroom setting, as they interact with their peers and teacher, is a unique opportunity found only at New England Music Academy. Being students together gives you priceless one on one time in class and at home allowing the two of you to grow together in music.

We believe mistakes are okay.

An essential aspect of learning is figuring out how to work through challenges and not being afraid to make mistakes. At New England Music Academy, we are all about trying new things and having fun. Our students learn that mistakes are not only okay but they help us learn to be better musicians.

We ensure every performance is a fun and rewarding experience.

Because of our unique school wide approach to performance, our students are eager to share their music with others. We typically have well over 90% of our students participate in formal and informal performance opportunities.  Our teachers help students become the confident, comfortable and poised musicians they are meant to be.

Students learn best in a friendly, nurturing environment.

You want your student to thrive in their music lessons.  Our degreed, experienced and certified teachers know how to naturally draw children into the learning process to ensure the best possible learning experience for success. You'll love our bright, fun, clean, and lively classrooms. 

Convenient, ADA compliant locations.

Our studio is conveniently located off major highways, has plenty of well lit, free parking, and is air conditioned. To the delight of our young students, the location is equipped with elevators.